Monday, June 26, 2006


I know I haven't blogged in like a month but hey whose counting? I just wanted to show all of you fisherman and women out there this really cool song I found. It is called fish on. I hope it works because it is really cool. So how is every one else doing. I can't wait for the 4th of July. I love fire works. Talk to you all later.

Monday, May 15, 2006

Hey look it's Eric floating down the river with anna's float tube.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Second Straight Day Blogging

Today we had Mellisa's 3rd birthday party. I spent the whole party cleaning my car. I washed it. Which wasn't a problem due to it's size or lack of size. When I got done washing it I waxed the whole thing. That was a pain in the "BUTT". I don't think that thing has ever seen wax, except for maybe when it was new. When I got done waxing the passanger side of my car I went inside to eat and watch Mellisa open presents. When I got back to work I my car I had myself a little helper. Thanks to Heidi's youngest, Kimber. She washed my windows, the dashboard, and the inside of the doors. Now I owe her a couple bucks. So now all I have to do in the cleaning process is to vaccume the inside. I think I might wait until tomorrow. When I was done cleaning the car it became the playground. I bet you can't guess how many kids can fit in the back of a '91 Ford Tempo. I had Kimber, Devan, Natalie, and Sara's oldest kid. I can't remember it her name right now. I still had room for more and they weren't even stacked on each other. They were just laying side by side. So if I stacked them I might be able to fit a ten easy. The illegal mexicans crossing the boarder would be proud.

Hey Grandpa I think I'm doing good. I blogged two days in a row. I think that might be a world record for me. Only another week until we can head down to the pit. I'm really looking forward to my first Memorial Weekend camping with the family. I bought my tent yesterday. But now between the car and other important expences I'm broke. So no more spending money until Thursday, when I get paid again. Talk to you all later. ByE

19991 Ford Tempo

Today I bought my very first car. It is a 1991 Ford Tempo. It is all red. The paint is red, the entire interior is ALL red, seats, carpet, dash, and steering wheel. It has missing buttons on the heater and there is no radio. Will there kinda is, it is just missing most of it. But other then that it runs pretty good. Except for the tire bearing, the shocks, and the exhaust. But hey it only cost me $800 dollars. It's a good fixer upper. Right now it is sitting out at the shop in eagle river. We couldn't bring it home because it didn't have any tabs on it. So we will try to go get it tomorrow. We will see how it does on the highway.

I got another movie for all you out there. It is for mother's day. I hope all you mothers and anyone else going to watch this movie I hope you enjoy. Happy Mother Day.

Erics finger

Erics finger nail came off today. I just thought you should Know. He just told me.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bonfire Idiots

I hear that my crazy family has a bad habit off starting fires with "Flamable Chemicals". Please don't try this one at memorial weeked.

Monday, April 24, 2006

I guess I can blog again

Will now I got real good reason for not blogging. Aunt Heidi has my computer. She's trying to fix it. So now I have to use mom's brand new computer. (Heidi you can take your time, I like useing mom's computer.) And now I'm working from 5 pm to 5 am. So I'm going to sleep threw most of the day hopefully. Yesterday I got to learn how to drive some of the machinery. Lance (the guy I'm working with) thought me how to drive the big loader, I actually got to drive it. Then I drove the big terex dump truck. I forgot to take off the parking brake so I was moving very slowly. Then I got in the cab and watched him drive the big excavator, the steam roller, and the big dozer. So I learned a lot.

Then two days ago Anna took me driving around Anchorage. I drove up to the Anchorage museum, the to the car was, the over to Anna's side of town, then went back home. I didn't kill anyone or hit anything. I think the only thing I really need to work on is the left hand turn when you have another vehicle beside you. I kind of crowded him the first time I did it.

Ow yea I got a new cell phone. It is really cool. It's has camera, video camera, FM radio, internet, games, and a whole bunch more things. Some that I haven't even figured out yet. I also got a real funny ringtone. Talk to all later. ByE

Spell check is'nt working so if I spelled something wrong don't make fun of me.

Saturday, April 08, 2006

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Dirty Jobs

Once I got to Alaska finally Eric got me a job at the mechanic shop working on heavy equipment. And I tell you there hasn't been a dull day. Like for today. It started out like an ordinary day. Got to work at 8 and started working on one of the forklifts we have at the shop. I went to get some tools out of the brand new 18 foot toolbox/workbench. And on top of the toolbox was a piece of paper that said in BIG letters "toilets are off limit to all employees". So I ask someone about it and he says "the toilets aren't working." and we go back to work. Oh yea there is now other toilet to use at the shop so you go outside or hold it. Later on in the day the topic about the bathroom comes up and Ron (the boss) says the septic is backed up. At about 4:30 pm Ron got six bottles of liquid plumber. (sorry John) We dump a small bottle in the up and downstairs bathroom sink, then we dump a bigger one in the up and down stairs toilet. After all the bathrooms are soaking with liquid plumber we go outside to the septic tank and there is raw sewage all over the ground. So am told to go get the hose, then give it to Ron. Then we take the cap off the septic tank at everything is all over the place. We dump the last two bottles of liquid plumber in the septic. And between each bottle Ron use a toilet plunger on the opening of the septic. After the last bottle of liquid plumber we let it the sewage go down. (and that was SLOW) Then we cap her off and headed home. (After another hour or so of working on that forklift) And remember that hose that I brought out, guess who had to roll it up after it was laying in all that sewage. Yep it was me. So tomorrow we will see how our plumbing job went.


Oh yea if you haven't figured it out yet it me. (Donny)

I DID IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I did it. I really did. I'm now a official blogger. Now I can stop ready the posts over my mom's shoulder and I can write my own blogs. So now what I'm I going to write for my next post. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...I'll have to get back to you all on that later.